Soul Journey Retreat In Sicily

June 16-24, 2023

with Steph Palermo, Host of The Just Steph® Radio Show 95.9 WATD FM

Experience a Blue Zone life the Just Steph® way.

The Blue Zone = The Zero F*@ks Given Life

Learn To Be Ok With Yourself

Join an 8-Night All-Inclusive Individual & Small Group Soul Journey Retreats in Terrasini, Sicily.

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Step Out Of Your Everyday World

Join Me In Sicily To Transform Your Life


Start Living On Your Terms

Learn From The Locals

Live Like The Locals

Love Like The Locals

When you have it all, you realize it is all you have

Steph helps you discover your spirituality and incorporate it into your life.

Steph teaches you how to meld a spiritual practice with the realities of your daily life in order to enjoy the fullest expression of yourself, “the complete life package”, all while enjoying the sites, smells, tastes, and traditions of Sicily.

Join us for a Soul Journey Retreat In Sicily this June 16-24, 2023!

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Who is Just Steph®?

Steph Palermo is an intuitive soul guide, radio talk show host, international motivational speaker, and published author.

Born and raised in the Boston, MA area, her Sicilian heritage has strongly shaped her personal and professional life. A congenital limb difference and numerous spiritual gifts taught her from a young age about overcoming difficulty and navigating life’s difficulties.

Combined, these factors instilled in her a level of tenacity that has proven to be a key part of her personality.

Steph spent twenty five years raising her children in Atlanta, GA. After which she found herself in new and unchartered territory: divorced and ready to start fresh as a “Second Lifer.” She began to build a business using her intuitive gifts and her love for radio. She founded Just Steph®, LLC. ten years ago and never looked back.

Today, Steph is a Master Catechist, certified in identifying charismatic gifts and a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. As an intuitive soul guide and entrepreneur, Steph combines her natural and supernatural gifts of empathy, encouragement, prophecy, healing and discernment, to name a few, to guide clients and audiences toward their own soul’s path, purpose and personal growth. Steph sees clearly into the hearts and emotions of others.

She “gets” the picture and lovingly heals and guides seekers of a more meaningful existence to the life of their dreams. Steph is open, real, honest and caring. She loves people and desires to see every soul on the planet connected to their higher power and serving their higher selves. One of Steph’s favorite things is to host transformational retreats in Sicily.Steph’s dream is to share the “absolute truths” of personal growth with everyone.

Steph is changing the world one soul at a time.

Join us for a Soul Journey Retreat In Sicily this June 16-23, 2023! Get the Retreat Itinerary and details!